Tablet Pressure Sensitivity and Line Thickness

I’m new to drawing, animation, and Toon Boon. Being a novice, I bought a Genius G-Pen 450 (4"x5.5") tablet. I’ve read about the inconsistency with this tablet and other non-Wacom tablets when gradually going from thick to thin lines and how the sensitivity is not great.

Setting a low minimum line thickness and a high maximum line thickness seems to give me a tremendous amount of sensitivity. Perhaps the only problem I can see is that for very thin lines, the touch has to be very light. On the other hand, it seems quite easy to draw lines which gradually vary in thickness. In this case, the sensitivity appears to be quite good.

Other than the light touch required for thin lines, what would be the disadvantages of having a higher maximum thickness – even if I don’t draw thick lines, but use the settings to gain more sensitivity with the tablet?