Tablet pen not aligned or no pen pressure

Recently got ToonBoom Harmony and I’m having trouble with my graphics tablet. When I try and draw with the pen, it’s not aligned. I called up my normal tech support company and they managed to fix the alignment although I’m not 100% sure how. But then I had the issue of not having pen pressure. To fix that, they uninstalled and reinstalled Harmony, got the pen pressure back but the pen wasn’t aligned anymore. So I’m back to square one.

I have a Yiynova graphics tablet (one where you draw directly onto the screen) and is running on Windows 8.1 with a duel monitor setup, any ideas or help would be greatly appreciated.

To have pen pressure working in Harmony,
go to the preferences of the software and
on the “Advanced” tab make sure “Use QT
Wintab Tables support” is unchecked. Then
Close and re-launch the software.

This holds true for any table using N-Trig
technology in general.

I already have that enabled, so I’m wondering if they disabled it when they fixed the alignment, hopefully it was just that. But thanks, I’ll double check next time.
Do you have any ideas on how to fix the alignment issue?

Normally you shouldn’t have an offset if you avoid desktop scaling features.
Sometimes it is caused by a driver or tablet preference conflict. In such a
situation remove all tablet drivers and preferences, reboot, install the latest
driver and re-configure the preferences before rebooting again.


I believe you misunderstood rkriz. He said make sure you have it “unchecked” not checked (“enabled”).

Thanks for getting back to me, I removed the drives and installed the latest one along with unchecking the QT Wintab box. At the moment, it’s registering where the pen actually is but suddenly jumps to the right without me moving the pen causing long vertical lines. I repeated this a few times, but it always resulted in the vertical likes form the offset.
I also tried flipping the monitors around in the computer control panel, this solved the offset but I didn’t have any pen pressure and it was causing issues with other programs, so I unfortunately can use that as a solution.

When you say “dual monitor setup” does the “dual” include the tablet monitor or would there be three displays including the tablet monitor?

If there are three displays including the tablet monitor have you tried only running a display and the tablet monitor?

Have you tried just the Yiynova tablet monitor with no other display?

I recall that there has been at least one person who was successful getting a Yiynova tablet monitor and one display to work properly but many people seem to have trouble getting a non-Wacom tablet display to work with a display.

Even with a Wacom Cintiq, I’ve had trouble getting a dual monitor set up to act normally. I’d be interested to see how the digitizer works by itself.

Dual as in the tablet monitor and 1 other normal monitor.

I’ve not tried it on its own, but I’ll give it a go once I have some spare time on Monday. But at the same time I’m not sure it’s a practical solution to disconnect my other monitor each time I want to use 1 program. But at the same time, if it does resolve the issues, I might have to do that and just get use to unplugging and plugging the other monitor back in before and after using Harmony.

Hey stevem641, you said you have trouble getting dual monitor setups to work. Which Cintiq do you have? I’m hoping to compare notes. I also have a Yiynova and have the same problem. i was going to purchase a Cintiq but after reading this post, I feel as if it was never inteded for a dual setup (which is terrible because it really improves the workflow). I wish there can be a thread where we can all try to figure this out. I’ve searched Cintiq, Ugee, X-Pen, Huion, and Yiynova and there are issues everywhere. My hope is that we can put our heads together and crack this.

thecipherdog, I feel your pain as I have a Yiynova 19U and have the same issues. I’ve been thinking if there is a way we can collectively start to seek support from said companies and find a way for these tablet monitors to mix with the software better. If I had known it was going to be this ridiculous, I would have bought TV Paint instead. I enjoy the Harmony software and see the potential in it, but I’ve been reading posts about this problem going way back to a decade ago. (Seriously)

Which intrepid set of coders and programmers exists to solve the problem!?

I’ve read posts about Toon Boom staff reaching out to these companies but we’ve never heard anything back. You all make great software but can we get some support here? Those in this forum are not the only ones who need help and you have soooo many potential customers to aid with this ability. PLEASE HELP US OUT!

Check out the post from Lilly Vogelesang in this post.
I love that the staff can go find answers for us but get back to us too, please. My email is: acampanimate@gmail . Let’s rally up and fix this.

remove all other tablet drivers and preferences, reboot, install the latest
driver and re-configure the preferences before rebooting again.

I have a XP-Pen DECO 02 graphics Tablet ,it works well in ToonBoom Harmony .

when i have some questions , i visit the website below and contact their Technical Support .