Tablet pen Button

Hi, I use Animate Pro 2 and a Wacom bamboo tablet, which is working fine.

I noticed that when I hold down the tablet side buttons and hover over my tablet, Toonboom reads this and (if I have the brush selected), it draws the line, as if I had touched the pen on the tablet and drawing. The odd part is that I’ve already disabled the pen buttons in the tablet preferences. And this does not occur in other drawing software (Photoshop, Illustrator, Paint), only Toonboom.

This is quite a problem for me because I add a foam grip to my pen, for comfort, so it presses on the buttons sometimes. And Toonboom reading those pen buttons gets in the way. Another example, if I had the hand tool selected, and am hovering over the workspace, I can move the view, but it won’t let go.

I’ve tried searching the forums and internet, including looking into the pen_tablet.dat file, uninstalling and re-installing the tablet drivers, but nothing works so far.

Has this ever been an issue? I use a PC so I don’t have the option to specify my tablet settings according to application.