Tablet Pcs with specs Capable of running Toonboom Programs

I wanted to know if there are any Tablet Pc’s with specs that could run the Toonboom pipeline programs without any problems

Hi, There,
There are many tablet pc and you should refer to the system requirement of each Toon Boom programs.

Basically when making a purchase of a Tablet PC, there are a few things you want to keep in mind:

  1. Screen Size. Some of the tablet PCs like the Surface Pro meet all the requirements, but the application looks really small on the screen. You may be better off with something with a larger screen size like the Cintiq Companion.

  2. Graphics Card. We rely on certain OpenGL libraries to run our software. For this reason, you will get best results with an NVidia card. However the software will run on the Intel 4000 or above as well, just not with as good performance as you’ll get out of NVidia.

  3. Operating System. Make sure that your Tablet PC runs full Windows 8, NOT RT.

  4. Other considerations… You want to look at the CPU, to see how fast it is. Make sure it has enough storage space. All the other goodies you normally look for on a PC.