tablet pc or clintiq

whats better to use with tbs 4, a tablet pc or clintiq 12wx. i have a wacom tablet but even after years of use, i still cant get the hang of it and want to try something new. i can only afford the clintiq wx, and i found a tablet pc for about the same price. what should i buy? ???


Well it is really a personal choice but be aware that Tablet PC usually have lower hardware specs then desktops have so you trade performance for portability. Make sure to check the specs before you buy anything and try getting a model with the best video card possible if you are to go for Tablet PC.



Another forum member, tiger, was struggling with a similar decision recently. If I read his intentions correctly, he’s about to sell his Wacom.

Read his story here.

I have a Cintiq 21UX (lucky me) and it’s great, I think the Cintiq has more pressure sensibility than the tablet PC, but portability has to be good. though choice. I will go for the Cintiq.


I have a tablet PC on which TBS is installed. My advice: forget about tablet PCs with any graphics or animation software!!

I’m wondering which brand Tablet PC you are using.

I recently bought the Cintiq 12WX …and if your seriously in this business … this is a great equipment to have.

My only issue with it was that there were too many wires and contraptions in using this model. Wacom told me the 12WX being the smallest Cintiq had to have some of its features in an external box. So you have the tablet itself with wires running to another box, and wires running from that box to the computer.

But if your a serious animator, and you have a work station … this is not an major problem. And wacom told me with the other Cintiqs the wire issues goes away as everything is self contained in these larger tablets.

I, however have a day job and this is my hobby. So I wanted some portability and thats why I returned the Cintiq 12WX after 2 weeks and decide to keep using my Gateway Tablet PC.

Later, maybe if I get more serious I’ll would definately consider the Cintiq again! With the Cintiq, the picture was sharp, inking was instantaneous …it just makes you want to draw!! And because computer power helps with the animation technology, you can get the Cintiq knowing that you can complement it with a souped up PC! Better video card, more ram, faster HD than you can get in a Tablet PC or lap top!

However, for me …for my casual approach in the business today, the tablet PC is adequate!

thanks for the advice everybody, it sounds like the only advantage of the tablet pc is portability, but that’s not an issue for me, im not the kind of person that would use it anywhere but at home. right now animation is just a hobby, i just want to keep in practice so i dont forget leaning more towards the cliniq but still thinking on it,there both a lot of money for me.