Tablet PC Landscape/Portrait Bug

Hi there,

I picked up a Tablet PC recently, and I’ve been trying all my software on it. ToonBoom works (after disabling hardware acceleration on my model), but only in landscape mode (wide). However, the design/layout of my tablet works best in portrait mode (tall). In portrait mode, ToonBoom is misinterpreting the co-ordinates of my pen. Generally speaking, the X becomes the Y, and vice versa. Now, don’t get me wrong. This’d be a lot of fun if ToonBoom was the software equivalent of a “Spiral Graph” kids toy, however. :wink:


Hi Mike,

I know I already answered your message but I just want to make this public. At the moment we do not officially support Tablet PC due to the lack of testing on it but we are planning to do some test on it so we can get it completly compatible for the coming versions (which is after Toon Boom Studio v3.5).

For the time being the best solution to the problem is that actually use the tablet in landscape mode when you use Toon Boom Studio.

Best regards,