Tablet Offset

I use a Yiynova MVP22U and whenever I draw with my tablet, the drawing appears a few inches to the right. I can fix it by disabling my second monitor in display settings but I, you know, use it, so that’s not really a permanent solution. How can I fix this? Thank you.

Only Wacom tablets are fully supported.

Try uninstalling all tablet drivers and preferences.
Reinstall the tablet driver.
Set the main drawing screen as the primary monitor
and avoid using any type of desktop scaling.

Is there any update to this?
I also have a Yiynova 22U and really want to try out Harmony unhindered. Day 1 of the trial as of now and this issue is frustrating as heck.

This is a problem only yinova can fix, you have to talk to them about it. Temporarily try disabling or unplugging all the monitors except the tablet and see if that works.

Disabling or unplugging other monitors works, it just sucks to have to do that