Tablet Offset problem finally Fixed!

After several days of frustrating searches and driver switches I just found a work around for my WP8060 tablet (also good for trust TB-6300) and i’m guessing it will work for BAMBOO and other tablets with the offset issue in Animate pro 2.

To be specific I had no offset problem with no drivers installed (win 7 default were used) but I had no pressure sensitivity. And with the drivers on I had pressure but had the offset on X-axis. (exponentially growing distance from cursor to actual stroke when moving to the right)

I’ve read here that changing the resolution affects the tablet, and dual monitor does that too…
For starters I have dual monitor setup (1920x1080 each).

1. First I had the tablet drivers installed.

2. I disconnected the second monitor ( :’( ) and restarted

--When I opened animate (in 1920 res) I noticed a very small offset distortion on Y and X axes.

3. I changed my resolution to 1360x768 and opened animate again.

– The tablet worked like a charm!

4.1. I changed my resolution back to 1920 and the tablet works just awesome!

4.2. I reconnected my second monitor and still the tablet works as it should be!

a bit tiresome workaround I guess but I hope some people will find it useful until a patch or something more official comes up.

Have a lot of inspiration and have fun!

dont works for me any ideas

You can also have tablet offset issues if the main window that the software is running in is not the primary display.

For the pressure sensitivity issue, this can be cause when there are several tablet preference files or tablet drivers installed in the same system. In such a case you should delete all tablet preference files and tablet driver, then reboot and install the latest tablet driver.

In practice it can be difficult to fully remove all tablet drivers and tablet preference files. If the problem persists after you have tried doing this - contact for remote assistance in cleaning your system of these files.