Tablet compatibility

So seeing how most of my college animation courses are going to be online this semester, I am going to have to use toonboom on a daily basis. I have a practically new Huion Kamvas pro 22 and it has been amazing for the adobe suite and every other program I have run on it. All of them, but toonboom and storyboard pro. I am able to start projects and save them but not reopen them to continue working on them which makes the program practically useless. On top of that, the pressure sensitivity doesn’t want to work and half of the screen doesn’t want to register strokes. I have never run into any problem like this on any other program so far and never run into this problem when using the school cintiques to run the program. I really don’t want to purchase another tablet, much less a overly priced cintique but I need to get my work done and will do what it takes. I’ve already made sure the software was installed properly, that it was up to date and that my computer meets the operating requirements. I just want to know if using a different brand tablet would even work in the first place. If not any suggestions would be wonderful as I have yet to find any fix to this online.

TB Harmony and SBP only officially support Wacom technology. Toon Boom has made it clear many times over. This can be read in threads each time the topic is brought up.

People cite other software and its compatibility with non-Wacom technology…that is a non sequitur. Whether an off-brand product works with other software doesn’t matter. TB doesn’t officially support it. If you want to take a risk investing in other tech or experiment that is your prerogative.