Tablet Bamboo Capture problem

Hi everyone!

I’m a student of animation from Brazil, graduated last year…and my English is not so good =/… But please try to understand me! :slight_smile:

the trouble is the following>>

I have Wacom bamboo capture tablet. When I try to draw on the work area…2 things happen:

  • Sometimes my draw doesnt apper (But on the second or third try…its appear!)

  • Often…when I click on the tablet in the work area … an options window appears (Animation Tools; Drawing Tools; Cut cells from Xsheets…etc) as if I had clicked with the left mouse button

my Conclusion>>

Draw with the mouse being easier to draw with Tablet…although mouse not be appropriate for this.
I think the problem isn’t on tablet …but on toon boom!.. Because I have other programs like Photoshop and sketchbook pro and working normally!

I Hope for your help guys! Thanks! =D