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Ok I have a problem, my computer is running slow when i’m working. I think it might be the memory on my computer I have 256mb and I was thinking about upgrading to 512 because i think this will make my computer faster. I am using a pc. But i don’t want to go and upgrade and be unsure if this is the real problem and waste my money. I plann to create a feature length animated film so please anyone give me some suggestions. And could you tell me what memeory you pc users are using and if your computer runs slowly or not, any suggestons will be valued thank you.

Adding ram can definintely improve performance… but when working with animation and video you also have to consider your processor speed and video card. My system started out with 512, which I upgraded to 1gig, then recently to 2 gigs ram… and I still can’t play back raw HD video smoothly. I have a Gforce 5200 video card with 128mb video ram… which could use an upgrade, but there comes a point where you have to ask yourself if it’s worth putting more money into the system you’ve got, or better to just get a new tower.

So, my specs are 2.8ghz pentium 4 processor, 2 gig ram, 128 video ram… and my system runs fast and furious other than trying to play back uncompressed HD video.

With the new duel processors and 1 gig of ram coming standard in some of the new PCs, you might be better off saving up for a new system…

Edit: to correct my processor speed. You’d think I’d know my own system specs. Oops! :\

Well I appreaciated the helpbut I’m not producing hd I have a Ati Radeon Xpress 200 graphics card I’m not sure if that means video to, so if i were to produce non hd film would 512 memory do the trick for my performance and my video when playbacked is not smooth as well my camera size is 854x480. aLSO not only is toonbbom runninhg slow but so is almost every other program I use.

Hi Gridiron,

I am not sure you did it already but you should go in the Preferences under the Edit menu and then change some settings in the Display tab.

Most of the ATI card tested had some problem handling OpenGL and you might get some slowdown if you have OpenGL as your renderer. Make sure to switch that option to Direct3D. You can also play around with some of the sliders settings to check if you could enhance the performances of the software from there.

Hope this helps.

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my renderer is direct 3d do you think 512 memory is my best bet

If you are planning to create a feature film on a computer with 256mb ram you are in for a long haul. Upgrade for sure. I’d go with 1 gig, but even 512 will significantly speed your computer up.

I have 2 gigs of ram and dual 2.6ghz processors, with a 512mb vid card…which is nice cause i usually have flash, photoshop, and tbs all running at the same time.