System Requirements

While reading the system requirements I noticed two things.

  1. It says Windows 7-10 but under windows 7 it says: excluding Starter and Home Basic what does this mean?
    and 2. Since it shows an Intel Core i5 processor is the minimum, does this mean I can’t use an Intel core i3 processor?

Thanks so much! This helped me a lot, I was about to purchase Harmony for my Windows 7. Without your comment, I would’ve had a horrible experience with harmony.

I have not used Windows since the 90’s but Google tells me there is a Windows Starter edition and a Windows Home edition.

You can probably use an i3 processor with OK to sketchy results. You might be able to do some minimal basics without any trouble but more complicated things requiring CPU power in rendering will be where you see the weakness.

On a Mac I was using a system short of minimum requirements with Animate Pro 3 (sort of a baby brother to Harmony). Sometimes things did not behave as expected and it was sourced to the weak hardware. I never constructed anything elaborate which would have pushed it to its limits. I was learning and experimenting with small projects. The problems I experienced were GPU not CPU related. But I was also using dual displays with a Mac Mini. Toon Boom still does not officially support dual monitors but it can be done. You just are sharing graphics card resources between the two displays so it is a compromised situation. That was Animate Pro 3. Harmony is more demanding…at least Advanced and Premium are. I could not run Harmony until I upgraded my computer.

Latest i3 processors should be fine

You can always run a trial of the program to see what the performance would be like.