System Requirements?

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When I was in touch with TB Support as I planned out a system I was building I was informed that Harmony does not utilize the NVIDIA “TI” features. The regular base model is all you need. I determined the sweet spot would be the NVIDIA 70 model. (this was when the GTX 970 was the latest so the GTX 1070 is current). You also do not need a “K” series processor unless you are going to overclock. I suspect that is beyond your capabilities. The “TI” and “K” would be wasted money with no performance gain in Harmony.

You want an i7 processor and the basic GTX 1070 or 1080 graphics card. 12GB-16GB RAM. A 24" display would be fine. A 32" would be great but two 24" displays would be better than one 32" display. Toon Boom does not officially support dual displays but it is possible and I have done it flawlessly running TB Animate Pro 3 and Harmony 12-15. They key is to set it up properly and then to routinely open the software properly, (it is only a matter of checking boxes in Preferences and dragging the welcome screen from the main display to the secondary display before opening a project). A basic hard drive will get you by but an SSD for the operating system and additional applications for speed with a 2nd internal non-SSD drive for storage would be great. Do not overlook a drawing tablet. There are many models and brands of basic drawing tablets that are compatible. If you can fit it in the budget a Wacom Intuos Pro is a pleasure to use. Just get the small size in either the Wacom or a competitor’s brand. Google “Wacom tablet alternatives” then come back and do a search here and ask about compatibility. Youtube has a lot of videos on the subject.

My daughter wants to learn ToonBoom and I’m putting together a new computer for her. I don’t have unlimited funds, so I’m seeking input from people who’ve used these components before I make the final decision and purchase. I mean, obviously the 1300 dollar system is best, but I can spend the difference between sys 1 and sys 3 on a 32" display. If System 1 will allow full smooth functionality of ToonBoom, I will buy it and the software subscription today.

System 1 is 927 dollars and includes an i5 8600k processor and an NVIDIA 1050 Ti video card

System 2 is 1031 dollars and includes an i7 8700k processor and the same 1050 Ti video card

System 3 is 1299 dollars and includes the i7 processor and an NVIDIA 1070 Ti video card