System Requirements for productio compony?

first of all i am sorry for my weak english:(

my team work on animator pro and toonboom studio for small prject yet,but my team want to create larg project and series of animation, i want to know which System Requirements is good work my work?

You should contact toonboom and investigate going with Harmony for a big project. It’s better suited to do big production with cost savings. You can discuss with them if you are doing traditional, cut-out, paperless, all in house or farm out to other studios, price per project, batch rendering, system requirement fitting your team and schedule, etc.

If you know Animate Pro going to Harmony is not a big jump to learn.

thank stevemasson
your explain about software Requirements for big production, in want also know about best system Requirements whit high performance for this software package

I’m not an expert in hardware so I’ll speak more in general terms here. For Animate Pro you’ll want to have a good amount of memory on your graphic card if you have a lot of bitmaps or texture in your scenes.

A graphic card that fully supports OpenGL. On Windows the NVidia are the ones you need. On Mac, Nvidia or ATi can work. In either case don’t go in the low end. You don’t need the most powerfull 3D card as it won’t help in speed. A good GeForce is usually good.

For the ram on your machine, 4GB and up would be good but don’t go too high because Animate Pro is not a 64 Bit application (like Harmony 10) so Windows won’t use the full 16GB for example, it would use only about 1.6 GB. On Mac it would use only around 2.3 GB.

Whatever you do, don’t expect an onboard graphics card to be enough not matter how good your system is!

good job, I came to the conclusion for large project only use harmony.

You can get harmony standalone for smaller projects