"System Missing, Exiting" error window when launching Harmony


Anybody getting this issue after starting up Harmony? I downloaded the trial version, installed it, activated it and after the loading start up screen, it immediately shuts down and gives me this error message. It’s truly troubling. I’ve been installing and reinstalling different versions of Toon Boom since 2012 and this is the first time this issue has ever happened to me…can anyone relate? I’m really desperate to use Toon Boom but it refuses to load up on my PC! Please help!

UPDATE: I’ve heard back from customer support regarding this matter. It has to do with changes to their online license server, making legacy Toon Boom software unusable, even if you’ve purchased a perpetual license. The only option appears to be upgrading to a newer version of the software (Harmony 15 and up, I believe).

Original post:
Hi, Denis. Have you found a fix for this error yet? I too am experiencing it for the first time today after using the program just fine yesterday (in my case, Harmony 14 Essentials). I’ve never encountered this error before, after using the program for years now. Didn’t make any changes to the program files or my system since last usage, and even a complete reinstall of Harmony doesn’t do the trick. Very frustrating! What gives?