System for TBS and Vista

I’m getting ready to buy a laptop/notebook computer and have been looking at various prices at the Dell outlet site. Stock there shifts constantly it seems, but the prices are pretty competitive.

Anyway, I’m curious about others out there using TBS with vista. It’s important that I balance cost and power, but this will likely become my main system as it seems my home machine is getting chunky on a few things.

Specifically, I’m curious about:

Any thoughts, ideas, or experience would be great. I’ve been looking mainly at machines with dedicated video RAM and 2gigs of RAM, but wondering if 1 gig of ram would suffice. The difference in cost between the two on a notebook seems to be significant.

howdy Rob,

as far as RAM goes, I have a gig & find it to be plenty 99% of the time, but 2 would be sweet :). Something you might consider would be buying the 1 gig & then just buy & install another gig on your own. That would be far cheaper than having it already on the comp when you buy it. That said, I’ve never had a laptop so I don’t know if the installation would be more difficult or not, but it’s plenty easy on a PC.

Thank Pat…

What just now occurred to me is that yeah, I have no idea how to install memory in a laptop, but I’ll bet the network guy at my school would do it for a price…

Bad as I want to get something, I’m really taking my time to get it right. For sure going to be a Dell.