System Crash


I am new to the Forum. I have been using ToonBoom for the past year and have made several small animations with my son. I like the product, but seem to be getting crashes when I try to edit a stop motion video.

I get the film in ok, but when I start to trim the clips the program stops working. Any ideas on what I need to do to prevent this from happening.

Maybe the scene is too heavy to display or the hardware is not strong enough to handle it. It really depends on your project. Have you tried changing the setting of display from Preferences>Display tab and first remove any rendering options by unchecking it and then lower Texture & images resolution to faster display and also put higher for System Memory usage and then restart Toon Boom Studio after clicking OK to apply changes. Hope this helps

Thanks so much for your help and insight.

I am fairly comfortable using graphic programs and video production, but I am still having a difficulty importing 10 seconds of video from a stop motion and being able to edit the stop motion.

While computer is not brand new, I have more than met the min. requirements for the software. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the software, but still the software shuts down when I try to trim the clips.

I am a HS teacher and would love to incorporate more into my classroom, but the production timeline seems a little intense for it to be worthwhile. I thought the stop-motion would be an easier way to use the software to more efficiently create.

Any help would be great. If you would like me to include something, then please tell me.

I was wondering if you were still having a crashing issue or if it has been resolved?

I am also a non professional using the software and I am having crashing issues too. I am currently working with support and they seem to be trying to help, although they are 1 hour and 20 minutes late for a meeting we have planned…that isn’t reassuring.

I am just curious how you fixed the problem, or if you have given up? If you did fix your issue, how did you fix it? Thanks tomE_58022!


Ten seconds of animation is importing 240 bitmap images into the software.
This can us up quite a large amount of memory depending on the resolution of the project. For HD resolution this would be a fairly large chunk of memory used. Remember that a 32-bit program can access up to 1.7 GB of the system’s RAM under ideal circumstances.

My suggestion would be to set the project to a smaller resolution and re-import the clips in order to better manage the system resources available when working with stop-motion footage that is reaching the limits of the system resources.