Syntax error at line 340

When trying to open a Storyboard file with Storyboard Pro 1.5 we get a weird “Syntax error at line 340” error. Is this because the two versions are incompatible? If so, does Storyboard Pro 2 open regular Storyboard files?Thanks!

Usually this error message appears when trying to open a stroyboard created in a newer version of the software on a computer that is running an older version.-ron

I’ve just had this same problem. I tried to reopen a project from about six months ago, and get, “Syntax error at line 871: Expected END_PROJECT_PANEL_INFO_FIELD_LIST (ID)”. Only I’ve never upgraded my software version. This project was created with and attempted to reopen with version 1.5. Is there a way to fix this problem?

Nevermind. In case anyone else has this problem, I realized there are different builds even though they both say 1.5. Verified by opening the project file executable in notepad. The builds didn’t match.