Syncing tweened animation with cell animation

I have an element with hand-drawn cell animation (24fps) but every cell is exposed for two frames (so the result is 12fps)

So when I animate other element on tweened peg I get “jumping” problem: Cell element is 12fps and peg element is tweened on 24fps.
(Hand moves every two frames and the object in hand is moving too smoothly)

Is there an option to make tweened animation go at 2fps like it is exposed for two frames?

Hi Akiko,

What you could do is create your peg for your element that will be tweened with its path. Then put a keyframe on every odd keyframes (1,3,5,7…). Once done select all the new keyframe one after the other and change them to Constant keyframe. This way you will get your animation on 2s.

We understand this is not an ideal solution and will be looking on a solutions to make this easier to do.

Best regards,