Synching animation with audio

Hi – I’m running Toon Boom Studio 8.1 on OSX 10.5.1 – In the timeline view of the animation and the exposure sheet my animation and the audio sync up correctly. But when I go into sound editing mode or export the animation is almost twice as long as the audio (not synched.) Can you help with this? I’ve read the documentation, knowledge base and can’t find a solution.


Audio is synched at the frame rate of the project at the time the audio was imported. If you later change the frame rate of the project then the audio will not synch with the visuals.

You would then need to delete the existing audio track and re-import it to be synched to the current frame rate of the project.

.mov is the export file format
24 FPS
.MP3 (I’m trying to edit the sound file length because I’ve animated only part of the song)
1:03 is the animation’s intended length (but the sound editor seems to think its exactly twice as long
The animation isn’t too complicated (very few layers, instant motion is one of the only extra features in use).

Thanks in advance!

Is the sound file longer than the animation?

Trimming out what you do not need would not hurt.

Can you try exporting a smaller range of the animation as an experiment?

What are the details of your project?

Export file format?
Frame rate?
Sound file type?
Length of the sound flie?
Length of animation?
Complexity of animation? (simple to complicated with many layers and rigs)

and anything else that you think of :slight_smile: