Synced Passive Transformation-Switch Node


I often have multiple Transformation-Switch nodes that are linked to the same drawing timing column but that are controlling different parents and children.

That works fine, but it is quite hard to keep updated and working, espacially when human animators are involved. :slight_smile:

The Transformation-Switches get easily out of sync, once you change a cell’s assigned transformation slot or add/remove parent nodes, which impacts on the input-ports’ number and order.

That’s why I think that it would be cool if ther was a passive synced Transformation-Switch instance, which would update itself whenever the transformation-Switch which it is pointing to changes.

This would mean that this passive synced “clone” would be able to have empty input ports, follow input-port order changes and that it would automatically delete input-ports (and cut their connections) when the input-ports of the controlling Transformation-Switch are removed.

I think that this request could be considered as obsolete.
The idea of a “Multi-Transformation-Switch” seems to me to be a way more straightforward approach. :slight_smile: