Synced Mouth not being displayed


I’m sure I’m doing something painfully wrong. Having been through the manual and tutorials I am still having the same problem.

I’ve created a drawing called Mouth, under which I have created child drawings for G, B, A etc. Is this correct?

I go to the Exposure Sheet and click Add Sound. A Sound column appears.

(bug note here - if I try to right click a column header the header 1 to the left is selected and not the one I am clicking on. It’s not important for this, but just for reference)

I right click the first frame and select Import Sound File and select the sound file.

I right click again and select Show Lip Sync. A graphical figure appears with the sound letter underneath.

I then right click again the heading and select Modify Lip-Sync Mapping. A screen pops up with the Source element called “Sound”. From the Destination I select my Mouth drawing and click OK.

Now I would assume that is all I need to do, since ToonBoom has all the information it needs.

So I go to the Time Line and click on frame 1 and press play. The sound file plays, but all of the mouth shapes are visible at once. If I uncheck the visibility for the Mouth shapes then nothing appears.

I assume I’m missing a step somewhere, any ideas?

Regards, Jon

Well, if you like, here is a very simple video demonstration, lip-syncing images.
The same principal would apply to vector-drawn-mouth-shapes…
I used 1-8, but ABCDEFGX is the usual way…
Just make sure that you use the right Destination Element (mouth)
in the Lip Sync Mapping window…