sync music beats to animation movements

I’m trying to sync the beat of music from a imported mp3 file to my character’s movements. Is it possible? My first guess would be somewhere in the function editor.

There is no way to do it automatically, the lip syncing is used for sound representing speech.

You can use scrubbing in the timeline to help synchronizing your character’s movements.

Funny you should ask this. I am currently working on animating a song that has a good steady beat and I wanted my characters to have their movements synchronized to it. I have been having one heck of a time doing so :slight_smile:

My first challenge was having the opening walk cycle in sync. Of course, a walk cycle is quite a complicated affair with several movements between each step. So I had to find the beat for when the character’s foot would hit the ground. I created a little metronome type object and worked on getting it to go from side to side in time with the music. That helped. I also utilized the Free playback option to isolate one full cycle of the walk movement so I could loop it and watch to see if I got it right before duplicating it several times for the duration of the walk.

On another segment, I had a character hitting a rock in time to the music. Again, it was a bit of a trip finding the beat. I’d play the animation and hit Pause as I tapped the beat with my other hand. Then I’d try again and record the frame each time. One thing you’ve gotta do is set your playback to Force Frame Rate.

So it has been a challenge. You can see some of my efforts on my YouTube channel at Have fun!