Sync layer - some times works fine and sometimes its a mess

I like the sync layer, when it works.

I think is works fine and I know how to sync a layer.
But its something in the steps in syncing a layer that sometimes makes a mess.

I have so far mostly used for a mouth with objects on different layer.

  1. I animate the lower lip.
  2. I prepare a few drawing on the upper lip so the “know” what should be synced.
  3. When I syn upper lip with lower lip layer the upper lip layer its a mess and doesn show what I want so there is something in the way its workjs that I missed.

But on the other hand sometimes it works fine.

Its like always, you have to make a lot of mistakes to learn something really good.

And when syncing a layer it would be great if you coudl write in the layer name or drag the layer somehow. When yo have lets say 40+ layers it takes too long to find that in the meny when syncing.

Anyone who understood this the sync layer to 100 %?


Yeah I agree with the ease of syncing layers. Some kind of drag feature would be nice instead of fishing through a drop-down of all your layers.

I’ve found that layers that aren’t synced yet, but already have assets built in them need to be named properly. so like drawing number 2 on layer A needs to find drawing number 2 on layer B. it cant be drawings number 14 on layer B. doing so seems to even go so far as to erase whatever drawing may be already there!

Yes, that could be the case of messing it up.
I dont know if there is an easy way to reorganise your drawing to get the same order.

If you intend to sync layers then the drawing numbers should match
for the two layers you are syncing. If you don’t have all the drawings drawn
yet there is no benefit to using this feature because you can just sync on
the fly while creating the assets.

For your example of doing this for a face, for example if you work traditionally
and have one face that is slightly turned to the left… the nose drawing 2 should
match the teeth, tongue, lips … for the same orientation of the face.

It’s a labor-saving device to synchronize the timing of layers that already have
synchronized drawings.

Hey mattiasgordon.

I created this morning a step by step video recording of a simple use of sync layers. You will find it at the following link:

Kind regards

Thanks a lot, I will have a look at it. I guess that will answer a few questions.
/ Mattias

Hi Genevieve,

thank you for the video. It’s very good.
Indeed, creating pegs (or deformers) for the synced layers of the elements that formerly were part of the same drawing adds a whole new dimension of individualisation possibilities to premade facial expressions.