Sync is only accurate when I hide other elements! HELP!!!

Ok… I’ve trolled this particular section of the forum, and have yet to find any issues remotely close to mine - minus the whole not being sync’d thing…

I’ve followed all steps in using the automated lip sync function. I’ve scrubbed through and manually tweaked areas where necessary. I have streamed checked, and when I play through my result is always the same - the playback only shows some of my mouth positions. Much of the intricate detail is either completely lost or otherwise has to play catch-up.

When I play the animation with only the mouth element showing it’s perfectly sync’d. I’ve rendered out AVI’s, QuickTime MOV’s, SFW’s all with the same results - If only the mouth and sound elements are rendered, it’s perfectly in sync, but when I add in the very few, very still drawing elements the mouth hardly moves, cuts out almost all of the detail, and drags on well after the audio file has completed.

I created the WAV using Audacity. It’s 14 seconds long, so the 24 second rule is out-the-window. I’ve tried every frame rate (even some custom) and have not even come close to the accurassy I get when I hide the other elements…

I’m using TBS v.4. Very simple drawings. Nothing in the scene is yet moving except for the mouth element. Does TBS have limitations on the speed with which the mouth elements can proccess? I.E. If say, I have a voice-over that speaks very quickly… is TBS not capable of keeping pace with the rapidly changing key frames that I’ve keyed in?

Please don’t respond with the same things I’ve read page after page. I’m a novice at TBS, but greatly understand it’s functions. I need a slightly more insightful solution.

plux and thx for any help.

Hi,Have you tried to save to a different file format from Audacity?Also, if you export your scene without the sound checked can you actually see each mouth or are you getting the same result with or without the sound on?Regards,Ugo

Thanks for the quick reply Ugo! So I just exported the mouth element alone, and it still loses about half of the frames that I keyed in… It seems that it has nothing to do with any of the other elements (including the sound).I’m assuming that this indicates that I have too many mouth positions keyed too closely together…? This brings me right back to my original post’s question - Does TBS have limitaions as to how many different keyed frames it is capable of exporting within say 330 frames?Do I have to bite the bullet and dumb down my animation for a successful render/export?Thanks again!

no there’s no limitation. i usually have portions of lip sync on ones(one frame per drawing)when you exported the mouth element alone did you export with sound? how big is the wav file? what happens when you export it without sound? if it’s the wav file, try converting it to aiff or mp3

Hi,There should not be any limitation to the amount drawing swap you can do. Every frame you animated should be showing properly. Could it be that your Animation Properties inside Toon Boom Studio do not fit the export parameter you use for the Quicktime export (frame rate especially).Regards,Ugo