I am new at Toon Boom Studi, I just started at two days ago.
(I asked for a few tutorials at a time ago, but I just read it now, because of my college work)
I have experience in Flash but I decided to move on and try something more professional.

I saw a couple of tutorials and I am learning fast. But I can’t find the option to create a Symbol like in Flash, I saw a tutorial form Toon Boom Animate and I saw that this option also exists in TBA but I can’t find any option to create a Symbol in TBS.

Does that option exists to TBS as well?

Thank you for the help :slight_smile:

Toon Boom Studio does not use symbols but Animate and Animate Pro do.

You can always cross-grade from TBS to Animate or Animate Pro if you wish to take advantage of that feature and especially if you have a Flash background.