Hi, i need some help, when i import a sequence of draws and vectorize them, the draws becomes symbols, but i don´t want them as a symbols, what can i do to take out the draw from the symbol?


anyone? :frowning:

So far as I know, every thing you do in Animate is contained in a symbol.

So there is nothing you can do. If you want the drawing as a part unto its self.
Then just like making puppets you need to load the drawing in a clean time line. Save the drawing Symbol or template it. Then drag it into your animation where you want it.

Hope this helps

thanks, i was planning to vectorize a drawing sequence of animation and i wanted to colorize it the way toon boom makes it easy, “painting all”, but since they are in symbols i can`t apply the “paint all”, thats why i dont want them as symblos, so, i don´t know if anybody knows a solution for this?? :frowning:

This is not the most streamlined way but for the moment it would be a way to do it.

-Import your images and vectorize them in symbols
- Select each symbol frame individually and do Expand Symbol (Ctrl +B)
- Take the one frame resulting of each layer that were created and drag and drop them in a single layer.
- Delete all the layers that you don’t need anymore.

thank you very much!! that helps a lot!! :slight_smile: