Symbols won't drag from the library

Hello, I’m a student and my professor and I are stumped with this problem.

I draw a character on a layer and then save each part of the character (waist, chest, leg parts ect) as symbols and then delete the layers as I’ve always done.

However, for some odd reason when I try to drag the symbols onto the scene, it doesn’t appear. When I try to drag, a white no symbol appears (the circle with the slash through it) above my mouse. Everything we’ve done to try to solve the problem has not worked, including turning TB Animate on and off, creating a new scene, creating a new document, making new layers, and inserting a key-frame before dragging and dropping.

The funny thing is, that I was working on an animation and had no problem with the symbols. But when I closed my animation and started a new document, this problem came up out of nowhere.

Any help would be greatly appreciated as this is preventing me from working on my classwork and projects.


Are you totally unable to drag your symbols into the scene at all? Have you tried dragging onto the timeline, onto the camera view? You can’t drag a symbol into the drawing view so make sure you’re not in the drawing view.

Also how did you create your symbol? Did you drag and drop from the timeline? When you create your symbol, before you delete it from the timeline, are you able to double-click and enter the symbol to take a look inside? Is there anything in there?

Toon Boom Support