Symbols not animating when exported to SWF?


I’m working on my final project right now, and one of the goals I set for myself was learning how to rig up a puppet - I’m using Animate Pro 3 for this. It seems to be going okay, except that I attached symbols to the rig so that the character’s hair would keep fluttering in the breeze. Only, the symbols animate fine in ToonBoom itself, or when I export to a .mov or something, but not when I export to SWF.

There aren’t any complicated effects within the symbols - they’re just a series of sequential drawings. It also worked fine when I copied and pasted the frames back out onto the main timeline. Am I missing something, or is this just an improper use of symbols? Thanks!

Bonus question: If I make a duplicate of a drawing (with Alt+Shift+D) and then use the Transform tool on it without using Animate mode, it still affects every drawing on that layer, even the one I duplicated from. Is there a workaround for this, or a way to turn off the tweening between keyframes (so this specific drawing can stay on twos instead of tweening itself when I change it with Animate mode on)? Thanks again.

Sorry I don’t have any idea about the .swf problem but I may be able to help you with the bonus question.

First, when you Duplicate a drawing it automatically generates the duplicate on its own separate layer.

So, the portion of your description I have hi-lited in bold does not make sense to me.

If I create a drawing, duplicate it, then use the Transform Tool without the Animate button activated I can do whatever that tool allows and it does not effect the original drawing.

There should be no tweening involved if the Animate button is not activated. If you ever want to disable the interpolation go to the top menu bar Animation => select Stop-Motion Keyframe. Or for a specific keyframe Right-Click on the frame and select Set Stop-Motion Keyframe.

Have I done something different that what you did?

Well, I didn’t mean that I duplicated the entire drawing layer, but that I extended the frame exposure of my drawing object and then chose the Duplicate option to separate it into a new drawing on the same layer. I think what you described with the stop-motion frames should solve my problem, though. Thanks!