Symbols Folders... Mystery.

When adding your own folders to archive TEMPLATES, everything works great, but when you add, open your own folders for SYMBOLS and drag any asset to save it as a symbol, it save it as a TEMPLATE instead of a symbol.
Is there a way to have your own path (FOLDERS) to save symbols out of the Toon Boom path structure?



Good question.

You would think it was where the library was but could not see it. I dont use symbols so I haven´t been into this.

If you dont get an answer here send a mesage to toonboom and they vill give you a good answer.

Thats not good.

They often answer.

The address quoted above is for the store. If you used that link a salesperson should be on top of things and forwarding misdirected inquiries. I would think with the recent rollout of Harmony 17 the sales department would be extra attentive. On the other hand this could be cause for your messages getting overlooked or set aside and forgotten. There are several ways to get in touch with Support:

Submit a support request:


1 (514) 278-8666

Lastly this forum (it has been recently stated that someone would be dedicated to this forum and I have observed a stepped up Toon Boom presence and attentive responsiveness since then. This forum is not constantly active so it is understandable that Toon Boom would check in periodically rather than have constant moderation).

FWIW Toon Boom’s support team has consistently responded whenever I have contacted them. This both outside and as a Silver Support plan member. In fact the majority of times I interacted with Support was before I became a Silver Support member. In the past I have criticized the way the forum is not handled and I miss the focus on User concerns provided by Lilly Vogelsang but I have had nothing but good experiences with TB’s Support team.

I am inclined to believe this is an accidental oversight. Good luck

I contacted their support department, sending them an email, and they never replied.