Symbols and the Field Chart

Messing around with symbols. Darn good feature so far.

However when I select one, the Field Chart moves with it. Doesn’t happen with any other object so far.

My gut instinct is that the FC shouldn’t move. So is this move symbol and the FC goes with it an ‘unintended feature’ or an intended one?

Great program so far, I’m loving it!


I am not quite sure if that is what you are seeing but the field chart is always located at the center of a drawing element. Therefore if you move the element the chart of that element will move too. This will allow you to use an element with a field chart in it (basically a drawing of your field chart) to do your movement and use the chart as a reference to make sure the move if of X fields east and Y fields north.

Hope this clear helps you understand.

Best regards,


Oh, I get it. It’s making sense now.

Thanks Ugo, you’ve been a great source of answers and help. One reason why I’m sticking with ToonBoom and easing out (heh) of using Flash.