symbols and templates


Is someone knows if it’s possible to convert a template (or a symbol) into a drawing.
To modify it in a scene, without changing the symbol in the library.


as far as i know, when you use a template in a scene and edit, it doesn’t change in the library… this happens with symbols
to solve this problem, double click on the symbol’s filmstrip to open the symbol itself… then copy the drawing cells from the timeline to a new drawing layer and edit it… this is the only way i know, but there might be easier ways
of course if you want the edited drawing as a symbol, you can simply convert it into one :slight_smile:
hope this helps


It’s ok with a copy/paste on a layer.
I have to understand exactly the difference between templates and symbol, but I can work with this method.

By the way: when I have a drawing with a size of pencil, how can I do to resize this line?
With my previous soft, I was able to change the thickness of the drawing easily , just by selecting the drawing.
Now, if I reduce my symbol a lot: the line are very very small…

If you drew with the Pencil tool, then you can just select the lines with your Select tool. In the Tool Properties view, change the value under Pencil Selection.