Symbol Transform info window?

Is there are way of checking what percentage you’ve transformed a symbol by?


You can open the Layer Properties view and when you select your Symbol with the Transform tool, you should see all the coordinates.


Thanks Marie-Eve.
So how, from reading the coordinates, can I tell how much a symbol has been reduced in size by?


In the Scale X and Y field, you can see from the value 1 (regular scale) how much it got changed.


Thanks for this Marie-Eve. I’ve seen where this info is found now.

Maybe you can help with my particular problem.
I’ve placed a character symbol on the stage and shrunk it appropriately.
Now I want him to interact with a prop that I drew later on the stage eg. a table.
When I move the table layer to inside the layers of the character it appears at the same reduction as I shrunk the character down to. So I must now increase its size so it’s in the right proportion.

I was hoping at a glance to know accurately how much to increase it by, hence my original request for a percentage indication. The information in the X and Y scale fields as you know is decimal not percentage. I’m no maths genius, so if the value of the shrunken character symbol is 0.302 what value must I give to the table symbol to bring it up the the accurate size?

Hope that makes sense. Might I add a percentage indication would be a real help in future versions.



multiply by 100 and you have the %.

You just have to get use to using the decimal representation of %'s because it now the standard way of doing things.

Thanks mate.
So in my particular example that means 100 x 0.302 ? Pardon my dumbness…

yeah which gives 30.2%

Brilliant! THanks mate! :slight_smile: