Symbol to O/L

Hi there,
I’ve created a character made up of symbols and in my particular scene I want the legs of a table to appear behind his feet while the top of the table is infront of the rest of his body.
When I copy the foot symbol of the character to another layer it always appears in its original position—behind the table legs regardless of whether I move the level above the table!! Very annoying!
Any suggestions please? This would be a no-brainer in Flash…

Hi Lilly,
Thanks for the suggestion.
But the problem is, nudging the Z value will result in the entire foot symbol moving up making its ankle region appear in front of the shin symbol which in my particular case will not work visually!
What I need is to somehow create just an o/l of the front portion of the foot that I can place infront of the table.
Using the original foot symbol doesn’t work as it always reverts to its original Z position!
I don’t know how to prevent this…
Hope this makes sense.

Thanks Lilly.
How do I attach a screen grab btw?
I can’t see the attach button and copying and pasting doesn’t work.

Thanks Lilly.
Here’s the link to the default foot position showing leg of table incorrectly placed:
Here’s what happens when I nudge the Z axis:
Because the foot is part of a symbolised character that I’ve also reduced in size to fit the layout, problems arise if I ever try to copy and paste the foot as an overlay.
Any suggestions would be most welcome.
Not sure if the image link has worked sorry…

Sorry Lilly,I am having trouble with this site. I just copied the link but it’s not working…any suggestions?
Maybe another easier site?

your links work if you copy and paste.

If i were you I would split the table into 2 drawings. Top and leg. Then just nudge the leg behind the foot and problem solved.

Great suggestion James. The table is a symbol but I’ll just create a few more drawings within the symbol and swap the images appropriately.
Thanks for such a simple solution to a long winded thread!

One I saw the pictures it was much easier. Now I read your OP I don’t get why i didn’t get it the first time!

As a general rule for me, I always fit objects to characters than the other way unless I have too because you just end up with problems with different objects later.

PS if you click the add YABBC button with the picture of earth and paste the link between the 2 url tags it creates you won’t have the problem with your links you did.

Yes-pictures say a thousand words…

Thanks for the YABBC button tip btw!


Well you can nudge the values in Z. Using the transform tool, select the drawing object you’re interested in moving and then press Alt+Down arrow to move it forward, Alt+Up arrow to move it backward.

You can nudge inside the symbol to move individual layers or nudge the entire symbol from the main stage to move the whole thing. You can also verify what’s happening by looking in the Top view.

Let me know if this helps!


Have you tried going inside the foot symbol and nudging it forward in there?

Are you using Animate or Animate Pro? With Pro you could make an overlay and connect it in front in the network. With Animate you should probably create a duplicate of the foot and place this part in front. Is this what you’re trying to do?

Maybe a screenshot would help me to see exactly what you want to do?

Thinking about this the opposite way, you could also use a mask/cutter to cut a part of the table leg to show the foot behind.


What you can do is upload it to a free site like Photobucket and then post the link here.