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Is there anyway to nest a characters facial features symbols inside the characters head symbol, and still access them easily for symbol substitution? I’ve found I can’t swap the mouths, eyes etc when they are nested in the head symbol like the kick-start videos suggest (with the limpa character). To quote the user guide:
"The character’s head will contain all the Symbols related to the facial features. This allows you to quickly swap between a series of facial expressions."

Instead I’ve been making the characters head a parent of the features in the timeline which works great, but I’d love the ability to swap the head position from front view to 3qtr, and have all the facial features automatically swap from front to 3qtr as well, instead of me having to go through and change them all individually.

Does this make sense?

I didn’t get the embedded symbols either. Like you I just parented them because it allows for nice easy access.

However it doesn’t matter how you set it up you will always have to do all the drawing subsititions on change of view, because change of view itself is a drawing subsitition. It makes a lot of sense when you think about it.

However as a shortcut while in a scene if you have gone from front → side and now want to go back to front, you can just copy and paste some of the cells from the one of the earlier front fames so you just have to tweak the symbols you want to change from that.

If you have a symbol exposed on the timeline, you should very easily be able to swap the drawings using the drawing substitution. For example, if you have a symbol that has 5 drawings inside of it, and you have it exposed on drawing 3 in the timeline, then when you hit ] it should go to drawing 4, and if you hit [ it should go down to drawing 2.

However, the difficulty arises if you have a symbol inside a symbol. This, I would not recommend. In order to swap symbols inside of symbols, you do have to go inside the symbol.

For example, with the head symbol, if you have a head that is a front-facing head, yes you can swap to a 3/4 head and all of the drawings that are in that symbol will all switch to the next cell - to your 3/4 drawings. But if you have symbols inside of there, say for the mouth, they won’t switch to the appropriate symbol-inside-a-symbol.

It’s easiest to work with as few symbols as possible.

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I was looking through the user guide and Read that you can duplicate the symbols and add different expressions, mainly to keep your file size low.

So what I am thinking of doing is just that.

Example, duplicate each head for all views. delete the cells inside of them, replace with cells containing different expressions, mouths, ect. in each particular view.

However, if I needed to have a different view of the head at some point I would then have to swap out the current view for another.

Does this sound Sane at all? or am I delirious?

Well it’s true, you can work this way, and have a set of expressions inside the head.

But here’s the disadvantage: if you do this, you can’t animate the facial features individually.

It really depends on what kind of a style you’re going for, and what you plan to do. Actually swapping something like a head isn’t a bad idea, but then if you wanted to move the facial features in relation to the head (for example to make it look like the perspective on the head is changing, you might want to move the facial features over) then you can’t do this if the features are inside a symbol.

So really, I wouldn’t recommend doing it this way. But if you have a more simple, blocky style of animation, then this way might work for you.

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Hmmm, good point Lilly, based on your example, couldn’t I, say have the front view in frame 1 then in frame 2 add the 3/4 view? then the side view in the next frame? I need to test how that would look, I think it might work if I can motion tween it. Not sure if you can motion tween different symbols.

or, make a symbol and have the head turning away in perspective? like you mentioned?

Only one way to find out, but I think I will stray away from doing that now that you shredded that idea ;D, still going to try to see if it works just for kicks.

although, I do see how this method kind of takes away from the advantages that Animate provides.

Definitely try the different methods out and see what works best for you. Also, you can’t tween symbols, only drawings.

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Oh snap lilly, I knew that I really did! :-[