Symbol question

Hello ,
I made a drawing of plant , and i turn it into a symbol then i imported three copies of the same drawings , i entered one of the symbol to change the shape of it , but others update at the same time .
My question is how to change one drawing and not effecting the others , because i am trying to make each plant deferent then the other .
Thanks .

One of the members suggested to create a copy of a symbol, so for example if you want to have 3 completely disconnected you need to have three symbols of the plant.

I wonder if there is another way to do it?

Yes of course! Thank you Lilly

I will try this thanks :slight_smile:

The other way is instead of creating a symbol, make a template out of it. When you make a template, when you drag and drop the template back into the scene, it becomes an instance of that template. Any changes that you make inside of the scene will not affect the original template.