Symbol frame confusion?

I just discovered that if I move into a symbol in order to edit it, I can still use Drawing Substition from the Library to change the drawings in the timeline within the symbol. I had expected that the frames of the symbol would be stored in its timeline, but there seems to be a separate storage in the library?

I accidently changed the order of frames in the symbol timeline, and it took me a while to figure out why my lipsync went wrong.

Is there any reason why I can reorder the order of frames in a symbol, from within the symbol, through the library? It is very confusing.

There are two functions to the Library’s preview area. One is to preview the frames of symbols or templates and the other one is to do Drawing Substitution of the current layer selected in the Timeline.

The current layer can be at the top level of the Timeline or within a symbol (as you noticed).

Why it’s like that? I guess it’s to make easier to edit the content of the symbol. Not a good reason? Hum. Not sure what to say.:-<br />

I guess this is why I usually don’t use symbols . Any change you do inside the clip (symbol) can affect the whole scene because you are reusing the same frames throughout. I can’t change a mouth a slight bit without creating a new frame in the clip. Oh well you might have a different way to work.