Symbol changes name on duplication


when I duplicate a symbol, the duplicate gets a different name in the Symbols folder.
I noticed this because my Symbol folder is very very full, and when I duplicated a symbol called ‘carriage’ I couldn’t find the copy.
I was expecting something in alphabetical order, like ‘carriage copy’ or ‘carriage 2’.
After a lot of searching in the folder, I found a new Symbol i’d never seen called ‘curtain’.
Evidently, Animate gave the new Symbol a name from one of the drawings inside the carriage Symbol (the curtain of the carriage door).

Is this normal? If it is, it makes it really hard to find stuff.
Shouldn’t it create the names as derivates of the main name?

thanks, cheers! J.


Did you report this to the support department? If you manage to get this reproduced make sure to tell them the way to get it done as well in your e-mail to speed up the process.

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No, I usually go to the forum before resorting to Support. I was curious to know if other users have noticed this or if it’s just a chance error.
I don’t think it’s a chance thing, because I just tried now with another completely different Symbol and it did the same thing.

I dragged a Symbol called ‘Horse’ on scene from the Symbols Folder. Chose ‘Duplicate Symbol’.
The copy in the Folder is called ‘Drawing_5’ (which is the name of the top layer in the Symbol).
This would not be a problem if I had, say, ten Symbols in there. But with dozens of them it can be a pain to find which one it is (especially if you’re not aware of the way it renames with the top layer name).

Humm… yeah… I guess I’ll write to Support. :slight_smile: