"Swivel" feature while drawing - does TB Studio have it?

“Swivel” is the only word i can think of that describes this feature; or maybe “tilt”. Is it only available in Animate Pro or does TB Studio have this feature?

You know, it’s the feature whereby, when you’re drawing, you can turn the view at any angle you want, anywhere from 1% to 99% either to the left or right, almost in a ‘rocking’ fashion if you will. Hope i explained it correctly and THANKS for any help!


Well, i thought someone might know the answer to this simple question. Now it’s too late and the sale’s over.

If it’s the feature that I’m thinking you are describing… it’s the drawing table feature which can be accessed by hitting the Ctrl & Alt buttons together at the same time.

Yep, that’s it. Thanks Kris…Tim