Switching views

So I am trying to make an animation with two characters talking, I have them both rigged up, my problem is when I switch from one character to another, I have to pretty much copy and paste the entire previous scene, also I have a hard time repositioning the mouth in the news scenes without it effecting the previous scene, the only solution I have found so far is making an entirely new, but as the animation progresses, the layers are starting to pile up, there has to be an easier way to do this, help?

Let me be more specific. I have a scene with two characters talking. It starts with a wide shot of both characters talking then I want a tight shot of each individual character as they talk. So far I have been making a new layer copying the cell image and scaling it up. I know there is an easier more efficient way of doing this. I am using essentials by the way.

Can you share screenshots of your TBS session to give more details about the problem. I’ve never had issues with animation in one scene messing up a different scene.

I see. So you’re actually working in a single scene, not multiple scenes. I was confused because Toon Boom Studio lets you create new scenes within a project (and this is the TBS section of the forum).

Anyhow, for Harmony Essentials, here’s what you can do:

  1. Animate the (single) scene from start to finish without any scaling up/down.

  2. Add new cameras for your tight shots (menu: insert > camera) for each character as desired.
    For example, if you have 2 characters, you need to add 2 new cameras.
    You then have 3 cameras (Default Camera, Camera, Camera_1).
    You switch between cameras via the camera list (menu: Scene > Camera).

  3. Adjust the new cameras to zoom into your characters.
    For example, leave the Default Camera as is for the wide shot.
    Select Camera (the first new camera) and zoom it into your first character (I prefer to simply drag the cam in Top & Side views).
    Select Camera_1 (the second new camera) and zoom into your second character.

  4. Render the animation (menu: File > Export > Movie…) 3 times, i.e. once for each camera. Make sure the right camera is activated (as described in step 3 above).

Good luck.