Switching Macs


I’ve been using Animate 3 on an old MAC for years running OS 10.7.5, but I now want to put it on to a new MAC running OS Sierra.

I’ve de-activated it from one but the new MAC won’t download the software…

Errors include:

‘Not a recognised software provider’ &’ check the OS preferences…’

Am I missing something?


(I’ve logged this as an error on your contact page).

If you’re on the newest OSX (Sierra) you will need to do the following:
0 ) Uninstall the software by dragging its folder to the trash and empty the trash

  1. Download the installer.
  2. Open a terminal Window from Applications/Utilities and run the
    command: sudo spctl --master-disable
    in the Terminal application
  3. Mount the DMG (i.e. click on the installer for the software).
  4. Copy the software to the Applications folder.
  5. Start the software by right-clicking (or Ctrl+Click) and selecting Open.

Thanks rkriz

I tried that but I’m still getting the following error:

“Check with the developer to make sure Animate works with this version of macOS. You may need to reinstall the application. Be sure to install any available updates for the application and mac OS”

I can’t re-install because i’m going from one machine to another.

The installer for the program should be available from the “My Downloads”
section of your account. It is very much possible to re-install.

Yes I’ve gone through that process, downloaded from ‘My Downloads’, however its informing me there is a problem with OS.

I’m on the latest Sierra, is that an issue with Animate 3?


I’ve just followed the same route and it’s third time lucky, it’s worked.


Many thanks,