Switching from Studio to Animate

One of the current Toon Boom promotions has got me to thinking about moving from Studio to Animate. It’s a lot of money, though, so I want to be sure that it’s a gain.

One of the positives is the integration with Storyboard Pro.

A negative is that it looks like I’ll loose two features; the text tool and the real-time image capture.

I noticed that the forum for Studio looks busier than the one from Animate. Is Animate that better of a product, or is it that the number of sub-forums just makes it look that way?

Has anyone used both? Any opinions on if it’s worth while to move from one to the other?


referring to the traditional way of animating:
i own both packages, and i’m glad i switched to animate (not completely, i use studio for text, though). the smoothness of a bones animation cannot be compared to the studio hand drawn methods done in the same amount of time (although i like to draw).

i don’t actually have the proper animation market overview, but it seems that even the professional animation prefers to use the advantages of automatic computer passes instead of doing it in the traditional way like in the disney golden era.

actually, i doubt if there’s still someone around doing it that way.
am i right with this assumption?

Likewise but you don’t actually lose the text feature since you still own toonboom studio :slight_smile:

I didn’t really understand why it wasn’t put into animate too.

Personally I like animate and want to get pro at some stage (just for the 3D features).

You realise you download the ple of animate give it a go yourself?

Hmm. I’m on the fence on this one. I’m just learning Animate (Standard). Overall I kind of like it. The preview is much nicer though it seems like a lot of the basics like Text, import export and Flash export aren’t as good as in Studio. No doubt Animate pro is much better but at the price?

There is supposedly a paid update in the next couple of months that will fix some of my irritations. You may want to wait and see. Try the PLE in the mean time.

BTW You can’t open Studio files in Animate.

The text tool will indeed be included in the next release of Animate. Also, there have been many improvements to the SWF export. Stay tuned for further information.

Toon Boom Support

Lilly since you seem to have plenty of insight on the next release of Animate, any ball park figure as to how much it will cost to upgrade? I have Animate (the poor man’s version) :’(

I’m afraid I don’t have that information at this time. When the release details are announced, you’ll be able to find the information on the website.

Toon Boom Support

I am thinking at some stage of going from standard to pro but obviously wouldn’t want to miss out on the new version. At what point do you put auto upgrades to the new version for free?

Also I only get special offers for studio → standard animate and the animate pro + storyboard.

It makes no sence sending me the studio → animate specials since I already did that. Is there something i can do to get my account sent the animate → animate pro specials?

Thanks for the comments.

I didn’t think that the PLE supported the link to Storyboard Pro but I’ll try it out.

Thanks again,


im thinking od upgrading to animate from studio 5, played with the PLE and great stuff,

I would really like to get the pro version but a bit out of my price range, would be great if they could offer installments to purchase the pro version, would jump at that…

want to take advantage of all that 3d scene layout they got going, that some gnarly stuff…

how about it toonboom…

try emailing support exile.

raider, do you think that would work, would be great…

[edit] just asked, waiting for reply… exciting if they do…

they are the only people who can tell you :slight_smile:

It would depend on your specific situation.

It’s best to direct these kinds of questions to sales@toonboom.com. There are sometimes promotions that can help users to purchase the software at a discounted price. The sales team can give you the most up-to-date information.

Toon Boom Support

hi lillyv, yes done that, toonboom very helpful…