Switching from regular subscription to student subscription?

Hello! I’ve been using toon boom for around 2 years now but I wanted to finally switch my regular subscription over to a student one. Can I do this with my regular subscription or does this require me to cancel my current one and buy a new student subscription. Also, what are the regulations for student subscriptions? As in do I need my transcript or something to prove that I am a student or do they just trust my word? Thank you!!!

Hello Amgimbert!

You should be able to just cancel your current regular subscription and switch over to a student subscription.

Please note that you do have to be a student in order to use our student subscription and we do have multiple ways to verify if you are a student. You will not have to provide your transcript at first so feel free to sign up but also don’t be surprised if our team reaches out to you in the near future to ask for more information.