Switching from Anime Studio Pro to Toon Boom Studio 7

Hi, first time I used this forum so I don’t know much of the rules in terms of posting threads in what parts of the forum or not.

All I know is I need some help learning Toon Boom Studio 7

Now I owned version 5 and this month I upgraded to 7. I bought the elearning videos but it didn’t answer all of my questions.

Just to get a better understanding where I’m coming from. I’ve animated in Anime Studio Pro the latest version and I chatted with someone on the phone from Toon Boom and he told me that 6 is a lot more advanced and how TB is the leading animation software in the US.

And 7 Just came out and I was just about to upgrade to 6.

Anyways, here’s my problems

(1. I don’t like the auto-lyp sync because it’s not accurate. How can I animate lyp-sync easily without the need of copy, paste, copy, paste like working in Flash

(2. How to I get a switch folder where I can right click and select. For example mouth peices or If I want a character’s head to turn so I can switch to a side view head

(3. How to do real time bone animation like in Anime Studio Pro

If someone could send me pictures on how to do it or videos, that would help me much better because with computer stuff, visual is better for me to learn from. Thank You

Hello ericC,

The way to use the auto lip-synch is to treat it as a rough guideline for your
lip assignments. You can then take the timing it suggests and fine-tune it
by replacing the cel label in the Xsheet at the desired frame with a mouth drawing
of the same element that’s more appropriate.

There should be no need to change folders. What you need to do is create a drawing
element that contains all of the mouth shapes that you will need. Ideally base your
mouth drawings on the ones visible in the “Sound Element Editor” and give the drawings
the same name (i.e. A to F). Additional mouth drawings could be named G, H, I … so as
not to interfere with the original automatic lip assignements and to make the fine-tuning
of the lip assignments easier.

TBS V7 comes with robo-templates of 2 and 4-footed characters that you can hook your puppet’s body parts to. Also there instructional videos on youtube. Note also that we have an instructional video in Bone Animation on the eLearning page for TBS: http://beta.toonboom.com/home-users/toon-boom-studio/resources/eLearning


I’m having trouble with having a switching folder for switching from a front view head to side view head.

I got an email from customer support

There are two ways to do it…

Using a master rig that contains all the rotations for the character.
You can either put all the rotations in the same element column;
for example all the front heads are from frames 1-99, the side
heads might go from frames 100-199, the 3/4 heads from 200-399…
Repeat the same method for all body parts.

Or you can make a separate character templates for each rotation
and then just drop the part of the template that you need into the
instance of the character in the scene at the desired location.
Since the character template should have the same basic structure
in all rotations save for the front/back values and pivot point which are
defined in the keyframes of the template anyway, it should be a relatively
straight-forward procedure.

And it’s really hard to figure out what any of this means without visuals so I talk to him on the phone and he said that he normally doesn’t give out tips and advice over the phone and just ask around here and look at youtube videos. He sounded a bit fusterated in my opinion probably because I did understand anything he was getting at but he finally told me that there was various of ways to do something so many ways that it’s not even mentioned in the elearning videos, I have both of them.

Anyone have any tips for me in terms of advanced bone puppet making with Toon Boom Studio 7?

And if anyone has ever worked with Anime Studio Pro, please compair them for me and show me how Toon Boom can work better than Anime Studio Pro in terms of Animation and everything else. I can’t find compassion anywhere.