Switching between linear and curve motion

Feeling like an idiot. I know I’ve done this before…

I’m reading the bottom of page 609 of the user guide, and trying to switch from linear to curve motion.

All I’m doing is animating a ball bouncing across the screen, and want the bounces to be curved rather than jagged.

I can move the control points on the trajectory, but I can’t switch to curve motion.

I click the transform tool.
I click on the layer.
I click on the control point.
I press O (keyboard shortcut for linear/curve motion)

There also doesn’t seem to be an option for Linear/Curve in the Animate menu, only Linear Motion.

But, it stays linear?

What am I missing?


Double-click on the drawing layer and make it into a 3D path - then you’ll be able to switch the kind of motion.

I noticed you’re correct that the menu item is supposed to toggle from Linear Motion to Curved motion depending on whatever kind of motion it’s set to at the moment, but it always stays at Linear Motion. Just be aware. :slight_smile: The toggle function does work, however, if you have a 3D path.