Switch z-position

I am using Animate 2.

I want two layers to alternate their respective z-positions in one continuous scene. I want layer A to be in front first then later in the scene I want layer B to be in front.

I have searched the forums and the User Guide, but cannot find any tips on how to do this.

When I open Layer Properties and set a z-position for a layer it appears that it sets its position for the entire scene. Is there a way to change the z-position of a layer in mid-scene?

The only method I can think of is to create two separate scenes, export them and then paste them together in After Effects.

Turn the animate button on while moving the drawing and/or manually set key frames.

If layer 1 completly covers 2 and vice versa just delete the exposure for the one you don’t want.

With the Animate button turned ON, I tried manually setting keyframes, but when I set the Z-position of a layer it stays in that Z-position relative to other layers for the duration of the scene.

I want to have object A appear in front of object B for a few frames. Then switch the relationship and have object B be in front of object A.

I place a keyframe where I want the Z-positions to switch, but can find no way to effect the change.

I am missing something in my understanding of how to establish and animate or change Z-positions within a scene.

Any further tips, a list of relevant user guide sections, or links to relevant tutorials will be greatly appreciated. Thanks for any and all help!

create two drawing-layers (draw anything on each layer)
switch to top view - you see symbols for the 2 layers and one horizontal line (this are the two layers on the same z-position)
in timeline view click on the drawing layer you want to move on z-axis
on one frame before you want to move the layers z-postion, click ‘F6’ - to create a keyframe
go to next frame, create a new keyframe and move the layer in top-view on z-axis

You can move the layers also in layer-properties and 3D-path-editor.

I hope, this will help.
(sorry for the bad english)

Thanks rave! I finally got it to work using your suggestions and in doing so I greatly improved my understanding of these basic concepts. Hooray!

Now back to the virtual animation stand to make some more stuff come alive and move around.