swfimport Utility

I want to use the Swfimport utility …
I use Mac OSX and I wrote in the terminal the commands correctly, but my swf is not imported to any template …
I want to import a template secure areas NTSC screen, I draw on the swf file and I use them as guides in my animate proyect
I expect an answer with an example of the Swfimport utility


To import an swf file:

1. Open Animate, make sure you have the Library view active. If it is not shown anywhere you can display it with one of the arrow pointing down (at top right of any view) and select Library.
2. In the left part of the library select a valid template folder. If you don’t have any you can right click>Open Library… and select a folder on your hard drive you want to save the templates to.
3. Right click on the folder you want to import the swf in. If it has a lock icon on it use the Right to Modify option. If the Right to Modify is already checked from the menu leave it as is.
4. From the top menu go to File>Import>SWF, Illustrator Files to Library… This should bring in the file in the library folder.
5. From the library right section drag the newly imported swf to your camera or timeline and release the mouse button. This will bring in the tempate to the scene.

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I am trying to look at a swf to understand how it was made. The GUI runs to around 5% and then quietly fails. The command line returns:

TUPreference: No preference file specified
Movie is write proteced.

Is there a way to import this swf?

Animate 2
swfimport v7.9.0



Check the permissions on your movie file. Is it write protected? Make sure that you set the permissions so that everyone can read and write it, and then try again.

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I can modify and save the swf with other programs so it isn’t a file system write protect.


Well it turns out that there is an “import protection” flag in the swf. I cleared the two bytes with a binary editor and was able to load the file.


Excellent I’m glad you were able to solve the issue.

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