swf render bug? (PLE)

Hi everybody,

Learning Animate, great great tool, but for my first test, this…


…is a circle! :o

It’s a circle in OpenGL, it’s a circle in .png, but it’s faceted in .swf.

It’s a simple circle done with the ellipse tool, attached to a peg, with 3D path and separate scaling all done on the peg. The problem doesn’t happen if I do the scaling on the drawing layer…???

Wow, it is strange that the circle changed that way. It is interesting that I would like to see the scene.

One thing it is possible that in first frame for example, the original drawing was so small (ex, 0.0001 or even 0 on x and y in scale), there is no possible way to have a nice curve between the points since it is so small and close each other. Try scale up a bit from the first drawing (ex, 0.005 or even little bit bigger enough to have a space for the points).