swf problems

I have been having a couple of problems when exporting my movie into .swf files.

1) I use the camera to focus on certain parts of my animation. So I get what I want into the man camera box in the program. However, when I export the animation, it gets a lot of the bits that were originally outside of the camera box.

2) I have added effects to my animation. It shows up in render mode and shows up in the preview as well. But when I export it and open it up in my browser, it’s like I didn’t even add the effect in the first place.

It’s really be frustrating, so if anyone can help that would be great =D

I don’t use the swf so I can’t answer your first question however the second is that it says that only some effects work in swf (some are too complex for the format).

The SWF format was originally created for the web, and so it doesn’t actually contain the camera information that bounds the file. This is normal. When you preview the SWF in an swf player then it bounds it by putting a box around it, but when you just open it in a browser, there is no frame.

When it comes to effects, are you using Animate 1 or Animate 2? In Animate 1, there was no export of effects to SWF. With Animate 2, there is a limited number of effects that can be exported to swf. The reason is, swf is a format that was created by Flash, and Flash only understands some of the effects that we do, and it sometimes handles them in different ways. So we get as close to our export as we can. You can preview what the SWF looks like in Animate 2 using the “Test SWF Movie” button (play with a red star).

Hope this helps!

Toon Boom Support

Thank you so much for the help everyone =)