Swf playing at half speed

Hey all,

Having a bit of a hangup here. When I export my project, the player that launches plays back the movie just fine (36 frames looped 5 times at 24fps). However when I open the file again or when I upload to my site & view from there, it plays back at roughly half speed. I didn’t make any changes to playback settings or anything, I double checked & my default is 24fps. I know I’m overlooking something, but I have no clue what at this point. The swf is 301 kb.

If anyone has any suggestions I’d really appreciate it. I’ll keep toying with it, but not really sure what to mess with at this point.

Thanks in advance,

Here is how I would proceed in trouble shooting the problem.

1. Open your project and go to the timeline.
2. Uncheck all elements except the character walking elements. This drops them out of the render.
3. Re-render the SWF and test for speed issues.

If it runs correctly then the problem is in one or more of those other elements.
If it doesn’t run correctly then you have an issue in your character. Which I will address in a minute.

Let’s assume it runs correctly with the non-character elements removed from the render. Then you can add those elements back in one at a time and re-render and test and repeat this until you start see the SWF not running correctly. It is a step by step approach to isolating the problem.

What could be causing the problem? Too much graphical rendering load per frame can effect the Flash player. This can be cause by many factors but basically you are working the render engine on the client to the point that the Flash player is adjusting the FPS to keep as smooth a render as possible.

I’ve never experienced this in a non-sound SWF but I know that the Flash player has features that try to adjust to playback rendering problems. You may have one element that is really a render hog or it may be a cumulative loading problem caused by so many vector calculations per frame ect. The best trouble shooting method I know of is to remove elements to the minimum and build them back up until you isolate either a problem element or a cumulative loading problem. I hope this gives you some ideas of how to proceed. We will be anxious to hear your progress.

The file size of the SWF normally only effects the download time from the server to the client so that is not slowing down playback but the render load per frame will effect playback. Normally Flash drops frames if the render rate can’t keep up with the sound but you don’t have sound in this file but you must have a render rate problem. -JK

Gotcha, I’ll give that a try & see what I come up with. It played fine last time I exported & the only changes since then were a couple of feathered edges, coloring my char, and changing a gradient from linear to radial (but more change shows on camera).

I’ll take the approach you suggest & isolate the problem. Hopefully I can get that done tomorrow evening.

Thanks again for the reply & suggestions.